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Nakawak: Grayscale Edition

A topic by Anxious Neck Games created Oct 20, 2017 Views: 190 Replies: 3
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Now that Nakawak has been released on Steam I have decided to add this updated version of the game to itchio as well. It has new music, sprites, and level layouts. The progression is much more complex and organic than the previous version of the game. I hope people enjoy it!

But this is not all. I am currently very much hard at work on a colorized edition of the game. It will be released late 2018 or, more likely, late 2019 on Steam. It's a large project involving updates to every asset in the game and reworking or replacing many of the game's songs and bosses.

I will keep updating this, but I thought an announcement of my progress would be of interest.

Until next time!

-Anxious Neck Games

Nakawak in widescreen! Color comes next!

New artwork for Nakawak.

Nakawak's new HUD shows HP, Ammo, and Ability Upgrades. The wider angle shows more of your surroundings as well.