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Game Maker Studio 1 and 2 DEMOS

A topic by MMM created Oct 20, 2017 Views: 281
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Do you need help for your game? Check out few Game Maker Studio 1 & 2 demos ready for download. Hopefully, these assets will be helpful for your projects :)

NOTE: You can find all Game Maker tutorials made by me on my official page or on Yoyo Games Marketplace.


Android scrolling page - GMS1 and GMS2 example

This GMS1, GMS2 demo includes horizontal and vertical page scrolling with the mouse. The best uses for this system are interactive books and scrolling menus for Android games.

I made this code while working for IcyProject (new starting company specialized for android interactive books). If you want to see how this code works on android you can download Azure Flame books on or on

Board game - GMS1 and GMS2 example

This demo contains dice rolling and moving figure on the game board (the figure is moving automatically when the dice is rolled). There are also fields on the board that will return you 3 fields back.

Save, rename, recolor with typing - GMS1 and GMS2 example

Save the game by directly selecting a folder and naming the file. Or just rename the character in a sentence and recolor text with typing.

Card deck - GMS1 and GMS2 example

This card deck contains 16 cards. You can draw a card from this deck as long as there are cards in a deck. After that, the deck is going to reset itself.

There are two ways to do this and both ways are explained in this demo.

3D rotating menu - GMS1 and GMS2 example

Works on a touchscreen as well as PC keyboard. Great demo if you want to implement a 3D rotating menu in your mobile or PC game. Full keyboard and mouse controls are included in this demo.

Resolution settings - GMS1 and GMS2 example

By simply pressing left / right arrow key you will change display size in the game. It works in a windowed mode and fullscreen mode.