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A topic by AR14 created Jul 11, 2021 Views: 402
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Here you can find planned features (from us and from user requests) and reported issues that we have taken note of. Hopefully, it can give a better view about what is in the works and prevent starting a new request or reporting a new issue without knowing that it has been discussed before. Some smaller requests might not be listed here (for example, requests for just one or two specific template), but we do take note of them all!

Planned Application Features

Steam Workshop. — Done in 0.3.15

Manual expression/hairstyle/clothing combination selection for batch export.
 — Done in 0.3.15

Spritesheet export.

Texture overlay. 

Sclera color customization.
Source: |

Running from command line (to integrate with automated build scripts).

Toggle to show all templates in the library window, including currently incompatible ones.

Planned Content Updates

¾ and side view poses.

Fantasy and sci-fi collection.

Poses with props/equipment.

Comedic mouths.

Facial lines/wrinkles (to make older-looking faces).

Makeup (eye shadow, eyeliner, fingernail color).

Body modifiers (change muscle tone or change skin to a furry/scaly type without changing body shape).

Known Issues

Infinite loading sometimes happen when working with multiple files.

Currently Not Planned

Any explicit details, such as nipple and genitalia, will never be provided officially by us.

Live2D export, while enticing, is currently not possible due to the limitation imposed by Live2D themselves regarding 'Reverse Engineering' ( ). We are currently looking for other alternative file formats that are open.