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Hey Why would it being open source be a security risk?

A topic by CybearTron created Jul 11, 2021 Views: 91 Replies: 10
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I would want it to be open source!!! And if there is a way to clone releases in github then updating wont be a prob  as I can jus get the latest release with some commands which I may automate too!!!

Oh yes we can clone them!!! Hey can u upload all the releases (There is an option) on github releases tooo! Cuz it will be easier on me ! But I will have no problem if you dont want to :D I can still download the zip and delete the last one!


the reason the latest versions of the VB and C# releases are there is because I updated the project in Visual Studio (less space wasted) instead of keeping all the old releases’ code (more intensive and a waste of space)

Have an Idea!!! I will fork your repo and add the releases to it myself as soon as I know about a new version!!! I dont know C# or VB so I wont be able to compile anything but at someone can do that!! If You want u can start uploading releases to github along with itch and this will help me and maybe someone else !! But its ur choice

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CybearTron wrote: Hey Why would it being open source be a security risk?

because, maybe someone discovers a backdoor in the code that allows a hacker to steal your data?

Hey! It wont happen actually!!! Cuz your app is not a web app and neither can any hacker change the download files cuz that cant be changed!!


they can’t CHANGE it, but they can READ it. if they discover a critical vulnerability that allows stealing of data (somehow)?

I mean I dont think thats possible



Its the same as someone could do with Linux (It still doesn't have much viruses and malware)