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he uses sfml, which can compile to macos and linux, even ios & android.

duck hunt?


I’ve given up on a win32 port (go to hell win32 API…) it’s really difficult to maintain.

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so I kinda broke my old project, so now it won’t work. I need to re-do the program from scratch. so I thought, why not take advantage of this and start a new port? it will reduce the file amount from 3 to 1, iron out the .net requirement and maybe drop the file size down (4.4’s hypertext.exe alone is 145 KB, all of the files needed to make it work (hypertext.exe, hypertext.dll, hypertext.runtimeconfig.json) are, in total, 145+47+1 = 193 KB of storage!) PLUS it will maybe add multiplatform compatibility.

expect an alpha build of 5.0 soon!

cheers, ~sabra55

this is not a gameboy advance game, it’s a gameboy game. these two consoles are not the same.

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nah, don’t beat yourself up over it. it’s fine. I don’t really think about page would be a good place for it if I were to add it. what do you think about me porting this over to C++? (that might allow me to make an actual IDE!)

nah, I’d like the themes to all be availiable from the beginning. also hide it in what tabs ? I don’t really like the point of having to “buy” stuff using time-based currency in a tool that’s meant to help people.

no more downloading files, hypertext+ IDE web edition 1.0 is now hosted here:

I mean it won’t be web server for sure. but ye I’m looking for some other suggestions b I kinda ran out of ideas.

oh boy. preview was something I’d tried to implement. said implementation failed (as can be seen by 3.12. I’m wondering whether or not I should release a patch, like 3.12.1 or smth to remove that preview button) and said implementation was also very, very flawed (it tried to save and then open in a web browser a file saved on C:\ with the date and time of the preview, like an automated version of File > Save and then opening the file). as for the local serveur idea, I like it somewhat (like that plugin for VSC) but you can blame my programming knowledge (or lack thereof) for not having it as a feature.

this program right now has a VERY scarce platform support (new windows only). I believe that porting this over to lazarus (freepascal) will change that for the better, but I’ve only just rewritten the program for 4.3. should I wait with porting it into pascal or not?

the thing is that I’ve already said this app won’t improve CSS and JS dev’ment, only HTML. look, there’s a CSS and JS tab, you can use and the internet. any other idea?

do you have ideas for next release? (I don’t wanna be adding languages only all the time)


as for the not stretching part, it does stretch, but badly. it doesn’t really handle resolutions smaller than the default, and if you try to stretch it larger it’s just weird behaviour. I tried to make it better during development of 4.0 but I haven’t found the cause yet.

thanks for trying! sabra55

so I’ve played the first level. I’m not sure what to do at all, but I did discover a bug that allows you to get negative health (no game over).

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yes, recently I’ve actually rewritten the codebase and removed the output box. all for improving the project. I’m thinking I should actually touch the web version too.

ehhh…this whole convo is getting a little off-topic (we went from talking about your project to mine…) why don’t we continue on my project’s page so as to not clutter this one?

cool, I’ve updated hypertext btw.

haven’t played it yet, but looking at the screenshots the graphics look really nice. certainly better than what I could make. keep up the work :)

I’ve now released version 4, featuring a rewritten codebase with less lines (removed some of the unneeded stuff).

hypertext+ IDE v4.0 also contains a (probably not 100% correct) japanese translation and some bugfixes.

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heres what im planning to do:

  • fixing script and style tags so they don’t appear if the js and css boxes are blank
  • better XML-based project format
  • fixing a bug related to New menu
  • translating the other text, i.e. the “Colored text here”
  • page preview (will come in 3.12)
  • preferences menu for changing page preview directory (will come in 3.12)

i’m out of ideas… please give some so that i can update this project!

nobody could, it wasn’t even part of the program until 2.0. the most basic functionality next to appending the html header stuff wasn’t even a part of a program meant to help with html until 2.0

it can’t be a github issue as my old site (older account that i don’t have access to anymore) works fine

XD it was still cool!! no

you couldn’t even just press enter for line breaks for pete’s sake, it was too barebones, i’m really glad i continued developing this project

Will it be only about web dev or something else too? it’s gonna be a HTML-focused website builder with a Forms interface, that’s what i have on mind

btw, offtopic but your page now redirects to ‘girls and their webcams’ which appears to be an on-sale domain…you might wanna check that out?

it’s gonna be better it hopefully will turn out better than the absolute unpolished functionlacking monstrosity i called Text-To-HTML 1.0

it’s been a great learning experience for me, but i can only do so much on win32 C++… maybe in december i’ll start working again on it

the port is being developed in C++ for Win32

honestly i’m gonna have exams this year too

are you still active on here?

there’s a planned redesign of HyperText Studio. using the new Saturn design the thing will look like a typical IDE (Visual Studio), and will use a ‘Forms’ interface for webpage creation…also, don’t worry if you like the older version of the IDE, you will have an option to launch with the Legacy design

i might try on blastem, which is the most accurate emu i know

i don’t have an MD :( even if i did, it’d probably get sold a long time ago like my PS2, PS3, PS4 and PSP

how to glitch out the game BAD (on kega fusion): wait till you get on the desktop press A, B, C and START at the same time

use an emulator dude


is it possible to ever seperate/integrate the core, rom and config files into the EXE somehow and have them play?

tbh it’s not about burnout–it’s more about time.