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Hypertext IDE

Convert boring text to an awesome HTML page! · By luna

redesign as IDE Sticky

A topic by luna created Aug 29, 2022 Views: 55 Replies: 11
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there’s a planned redesign of HyperText Studio. using the new Saturn design the thing will look like a typical IDE (Visual Studio), and will use a ‘Forms’ interface for webpage creation…also, don’t worry if you like the older version of the IDE, you will have an option to launch with the Legacy design

WOWWOOWWWWWW YAYAYAYAYAY after a long while Hypertext Studio is comign backk!!!


it’s gonna be better it hopefully will turn out better than the absolute unpolished functionlacking monstrosity i called Text-To-HTML 1.0

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XD it was still cool!! I mean I would love to use the new IDE that you make and a question... Will it be only about web dev or something else too?

Edit: The UI looks much better imho


Will it be only about web dev or something else too? it’s gonna be a HTML-focused website builder with a Forms interface, that’s what i have on mind

btw, offtopic but your page now redirects to ‘girls and their webcams’ which appears to be an on-sale domain…you might wanna check that out?


it can’t be a github issue as my old site (older account that i don’t have access to anymore) works fine

It might be the domain name most probably its  a free one it might have expired lol

Wtf what happened?


XD it was still cool!! no

you couldn’t even just press enter for line breaks for pete’s sake, it was too barebones, i’m really glad i continued developing this project

At this point I can't even tell if you are telling I couldn't press enter or we couldn't press enter in the old text-to-html app....


nobody could, it wasn’t even part of the program until 2.0. the most basic functionality next to appending the html header stuff wasn’t even a part of a program meant to help with html until 2.0