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Don't Bite Me Bro! Deluxe

1-4 Player Co-op open-world zombie apocalypse game. Explore, Build, Upgrade, and Defend from constant waves of Zombies. · By MUIFWEGO


A topic by MUIFWEGO created Oct 15, 2017 Views: 723 Replies: 16
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This game is for you, the community, and only with your help can continue to expand and improve it. All feedback and suggestions are greatly appreciated and considered. I will always try to respond to everyone as soon as I possibly can.

Thank you all so much for all of your time and support we really appreciate it. Please feel free to post any bugs and suggestions below. The more detailed you can be about the situation the better. I will try and fix all problems found as soon as possible.

Lots of new content coming very very soon!

Thanks again,


Hello i have a game jam( and I need a prize, could you send me an email of the games code to get it for free(btw my email is: Thank you!

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I found one bug:  the sheriff's partner spawned on the other side of the out-of-bounds fence.

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I found some more bugs: When you load up the game and you choose English and later change it to Spanish, the signs and people will still be in English and the same way if you chose Spanish first but everything else will be normal. In the options menu, when changed to Spanish, will not set you at the bottom option if you keep on pressing up. I think it is because the is no herd/horde option in Spanish.  If you cheated to give yourself all the characters then the sheriffs partner will keep on re spawning. Sometimes when you switch guns you will loose all of the ammo you had. Sometimes when i spawned in weapons they were slightly floating but still in reach. When you have the tower upgraded second to last, the next upgrade says its locked but you can still upgrade it. On the entrance/exit into the swamp water coming from/towards the town, the boardwalks to get onto land don't work . I think they are placed with the wrong side facing out.

The music in the menu before you start to play the game will stop eventually.

I was thinking you can limit the upgrades on structure depending on horde waves. You can make it so each zombie will add 1-3 minutes before the herd/horde arrive at the base (You can have it that the first safe-house upgrade makes it each zombie adds one minute, the next upgrade makes each zombie add 2 minutes etc or just have it randomly picked). Add an option to display keyboard buttons or PlayStation buttons because it is usually only displays PlayStation buttons.

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I was using the shopkeeper character and I tried to go to the cave dungeon but when i went in it wouldn't load the dungeon till i moved a little more left. i left the dungeon after i cleared 1 room of zombies and when i finished loading back my character disappeared and made me choose a character as if i hadn't chosen one before i went into the cave. I chose the same character and now my fire skulls that the shopkeeper shoots don't have collision with the ground anymore.  They would hit everything else but the ground. One of my people in the tower would shoot at an alligator/crocodile and he wouldn't stop. If you do a max resources/food cheat when you are full, it would flash 9999 (max is 999) for resources and 999 (max is 99) hearts for a split second. If you do it when your loading (to a house or dungeon) and do it it will stay 9999/999 but will go away next time is updated (When you build/plant/eat). Bullet boxes, bullets, food can get stuck on top of things you cant get to ex: in shed you can get food that is on a table half characters size. (maybe add a jump? but i think it wont match the game and it it would open a door to many, many bugs.) The dog will sometimes go thru the barbed wire fence on the edges of the map to kill zombies. The stumps in the farm area cant be destroyed. When you go into the pause menu in a car, it makes your camera follow where your driving from behind; it's not in an overhead view. When you play as the hobo with molotovs, he slides around on the ground like he is on ice. He cant dash but when you press/hold the space bar his animation freezes till you let go. The explosion has no sound.  You can fling your self using the molotovs and a gate. When driving the bike, it goes so fast that the camera cant keep up with it. I don't ever see the shopkeeper selling an armory key, shed key, etc.

Some questions: Is the dog supposed to make cars float a little sometimes when he runs into them? Are you supposed to be able to walk up a fallen electrical post to get over a farm fence? Will you make it so you can build roofs? Will you add a crafting system? Are the orbs that you collect supposed to disappear when you complete the game?

Some suggestions: A a buildable garage door/gate for vehicles. Seasons and weather. Make the molotovs so that when you throw them that they will also make fire burning in a certain radius from where you throw them. The tools in the farm shed are useless now. make it so it takes longer to break trees unless you have the axe that is there. Make rocks breakable with the pick that is in the shed. Make a limit on how many gates, walls, spikes etc depending on how many hordes you have defeated (but no limits on corn/trees that you can plant). You can make a cheatcode that will remove the limit for people who want no limit or beat the game and want to build a huge base. Have survivors you save wander around or near your base but when there is a herd/horde attacking they come to the safehouse to defend it. Be able to take other survivors with you, not just the dog.

I had more bugs written down on my phone but i accidentally deleted them after i started writing this post, but this should be most or maybe all that i found today so far. If not, I'm sure someone else or I will find them again.

Only the sheriff can shoot other guns. If you shoot a gun but not use up the whole clip, it will be reloaded one bullet at a time slowly. That happens when shooting a gun with a bigger clips. Its not too noticeable or helpful because its too slow, but it still happens. When using a rifle, when the bullet encounters something it cannot pass through, it just floats there briefly. As a sheriff, the bullets would pass through the inside of a metal wall but not the outside. As the man, the bullet would pass through both inside and outside of the metal walls. The dog will attack sill clip through the ramp off of the highway to attack zombies. You can take survivors that you have not finished completing the quest inside a car if your near one and you enter the vehicle. If your not at your base when there is a horde attacking and they break your safehouse, it removes your character and forces you to pick another one. When i did my camera came back to where i was  (i was on highway in the city) but it was all black and mostly unloaded. My base had good defenses but the zombies got through very fast (it was on 4th or 5th horde) when they should have taken longer. (i think most of my base was unloaded not all, and the horde zombies were loaded because they are not either scripted to unload or the haven't been unloaded because they were just spawned in.  The monster truck is very buggy but that makes sense. On zombies, bones, stop signs, mailboxes, etc, make it either bounces, spin out, stuck, or maybe even launch it in the air. It seems to not slow down when you let go of gas unless you are turning. The turning seems strange like it is not very smooth. It flings the giant bones upward a little when you drive on them. Some times when you turn you start to tip on the side. It would be better if you added more "weight" to the monster truck. You can plant trees in corn. If your on the highway going west, there will be a random patch on the other side of the fence that is not dark as if I have went there to reveal it. To me it appears when i reveal" the tile that is above it and is consistent with all my save files. It is actually two tiles long. A vehicle is always one behind on the map then it actually is. I mean behind as where you were before you came to the tile you are currently in.

Some suggestions: Add car sounds. Make a cheatcode that reveals the whole map.

All most all glitches i find (about 90%), i wasn't actually trying to find, i just encountered them when playing. I think people encounter many glitches but don't report them because they forget about it or don't know how to. I hope that me finding all these glitches doesn't discourage you (devs) but rather encourage to make a better game.

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The spycar also doesn't slow down if you let go of gas. The spycar cant shoot will driving because the bullets it shoots hits itself. It is fast so the camera i slightly behind making it hard to drive fast. You should make the camera a little more zoomed out and faster will driving and make it that the vehicle will be a the back of the screen when driving so you can see whats coming up ahead and not have to quickly react/ deforest the map when off road. The machine gun on the spy car doesn't use the ammo that i have and it just keeps on shooting. Maybe add a reload that you have to get out of the car to do, but make the clip very big. I was driving on the highway when the spycar randomly clipped through the road and i was stuck in an enclosed fence below it. In the parking garage there is a ramp you can walk up and then if you go to the wrong side you fall into oblivion. remove it or make it inaccessible or add more levels to the parking garage that you can access with the different vehicles on them. The other cars still say locked even though i have the deluxe and i'm playing on it. If you touch the red truck its sprite will disappear but you can still drive it out of the parking garage and when you exit and reenter it will reappear. There are zombies in the church building before you go in it and sometimes the parking garage too. A zombie just randomly died when i touched the back of the red truck. The grave digger guy you rescue in the church has a strange animation that's hard to see/notice. If your not walking or holding a gun when you start walking he flips his shovel completely around in a circle and when you stop walking he flips it again.

Some suggestions: Make it so when you beat the game, in the pause menu there would still be a big orb instead of resting them. When you do the reset car cheatcode it would move the vehicle back to the very spot the red truck was crashed in when you start in the beginning of the game because when i reset my spaycar it was pretty close to the safehouse but i had a big base. Make vehicles have durability that you will have to repair and/or make vehicle enhancements/upgrades like adding spikes to the front but i dont think it(vehicle upgrades) will match this game. There is one part of the bride that you can get partially under/behind and you cant see whats going on:

This is the location of the segment of the bridge on the map:


Hey Lotdot,

Thanks so much for the feedback! its alot for me to respond to each but keep them coming I'm definitely keeping track. 



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I was busy today but i encountered one glitch (i think). When i loaded a slot i press q then space, it will spawn in two players but i only control the second player. I couldn't leave my base because the second player doesn't move (not a glitch).  The second person icon at the top was the man no matter what character i was highlighting/selecting. The second character had the same amount of materials that the first one did (7) but it had max ammo when the first character had on 6 + clip.When i went to quit and pressed quit to menu, on the second menu that says press backspace to quit didn't have the word backspace for some reason. When i quit to menu i wasn't able to select English/Spanish. The game was just stuck there. 

Make it so it actually works because it would be cool to be able to have 2 players without needing a controller. Because the numpad and arrow keys also work for movement you can convert them that when there is a second player they have to use the arrow keys to move or look and the numpad to move or look. I would be more difficult to play this way but it would be a second player without a controller. I think to look there should be on to keys: to rotate left and right because I think that would be the most simply and easy way unless you know a different way to program it. Is the oldman who does the tutorial supposed to die if you skip it because i think that it should be a "reward" for skipping the tutorial. It is hard to save him when you do the tutorial so that's why i think that. on the menu with play and options, move quit from game in options to the front with play and options so it won't be confusing where to find it at first. Also make it when you quit to menu it wont show up to select language. Or make it when it boots up the launcher you select starting lanuguage there instead of when you load up the game you select. Or make it permenent that when you select a language the menu never shows up again but you only change it through options.

I experienced a strange glitch today. I think my 1st slot data got corupted or something like that but when i loaded in everything was empty in 3x3 segment with the middle of the base execpt for a giant bone and the campfire.

All the data i had on it was wiped. When a horde attacked, nothing happened. They couldn't defeat me because i had no safe house. I could do everything as normal but nothing would save except keys and vehicle (sometimes but eventually it would reset them too). I would like to keep this glitched slot though. Now for a different bug. In the cave dungeon zombies would spawn inside of rocks. If can stop reloading when trying to shooting if you see that the bullets are filling up so you can(but really hard) control how many bullets to reload(but it's pointless). When i was getting food in the starting area of the cave (at the time i had 0 in inv and base.) when i got 1 food, the cauldron was already full. When i got two, the green stuff in the pot was taller than the pot. All cars seem not to slow down when you let go of gas (They slow down extremely slowly). If you spawn in something from the store and you leave before it is delivered, it will say delivering in the store and you can spawn and more stuff in until you restart the game. In the slots menu on the buttons that say what to do, there was 1 PS button and the other 2 were keyboard buttons. The NPC's bullets when in the tower would clip through the ground(not always) and the Girl Scouts rock also clipped the ground (first time it happened). If you paused then unpaused, the dash/attack meter would recharge. You can spawn a vehicle on top of a vehicle. The riddle bus is too tall for stoplights and gets stuck on them (maybe remove collision?) and as a Girl Scout, whenever i touched the 4-wheeler i would be flinged back. When i was stopped in it, the camera bounces slightly up and down. You are able to keep more than one vehicle spawned in. If you spawn the same vehicle that you are currently in, it wont remove the first one. Then spawn in a different vehicle and the first car will disappear but the second one of the first will stay (sorry if this is confusing.) Then if you touch the second car the third will become the second car. I have no idea how i discovered this on accident.

In the cave one of the rooms possible is an arch. On the bottom side of the arch is a slight crack that might be hard to see but it is there:

Sorry i haven't posted in two days but i'm back with some more bugs. Sometimes there is one zombie left in a horde but it says i beat the horde. When an NPC you are trying to save by bringing them back to base will continue to try to hit a zombie they started shooting at no matter how far away it is, but usually the stop shooting and pick a different target. If a tree far away falls (off screen) you can hear the tree falling/breaking sound as if its nearby. Sometimes the camera would get stuck in an overhead view when collecting a mission key from saving a survivor but it would fix when i went into the armory. I am not able to walk over the parking concretes in the parking lot at the west side of the map at the gate. When in camp and you start storing materials, you sometimes get stuck with the white particles even after you leave the camp. My safehouse was highlighted and had an arrow on top for no reason. If your in a car and you do the reset position cheat, you will go with it. If your far away from were it resets to (i wanted to get back to my base fast when a herd/horde started attacking) and then you do it this happens:

You can see trees or stumps or anything, but the things i built. If you would touch something that can be upgraded/moved, the camera would go back  to where to were before you reset your car from. When i quit, the save got messed up and the same glitch happened to my first slot. There was no safe house, empty 3x3 area with middle at the camp or where it supposed to be etc. With the first slot that had this glitch randomly occurred but this time i think i know found a way to delete the safehouse.                                                                                                                                                                                                                 When the lady is holding a gun on tower or walking (Hard to see it before you rescue her), you can see she is still holding a purse: 

The next glitch is one of the glitches that i deleted (Mentioned above in a different post) but i found it again. Crocodiles start leaning (head towards you) if they know you are there. If your on top of them, this happens:

As the hardcroc, i seem to be able to sneak on them better. I can be touching them from behind and they don't know i'm there. There is another section of bridge that you cant see through when you go under:


There also is a nearby pillar of the bridge that you can see through:

There are pallets in the swamp you cant go on most of the times i try (on the right of pic):

At the bottom right of the swamp, there are pallets. I would be nice if you added another pallet to cover the corner and sometimes you cant get on the land if you are trying where the second pallets gets cutoff by the land.

I was the hardcroc and when i went into the cave i could build (i was placing mines) if i held down the build button, it would spam the build sound. When i tried to do it again on a different slot i couldn't build anywhere. If you press menu then quit to menu, when a box appears saying press triangle/backspace to quit, you can press shift to change the menu which i think should not happen. Then if you press backspace/triangle it wont quit unless you are on the tab with the menu. If you skip the tutorial, the broken fence pieces that you can pick up will disappear. In the farm, the fence is misplaced in the area above the farmers house, shed, silo, etc, but below the fence that marks the outside of the farm.

When you fix the hole in the fence in the farm, you can upgrade the fence but later it wont be replaced but you will see a fence is now placed inside the other fence. You can drive into the Old Church if the vehicle is small enough (the truck fits). 

There seems to be more zombies on the top/right side of the bridge than the bottom/left when i drive through and when i walk through. The compass button doesn't seem to do anything. If you walk into the police armory, the flashlight will be on but you don't need it on there.  Add the grass that is in the farm to other places also with the stones. When someone dies, they turn green. Make it so the clothes don't become green but just the skin.  Make it so that certain upgrades take wood and other need metal. Split up the material. ex You can make a metal safehouse with wood. Make the mailboxes a different color than green or at least a different shade of green that isn't the same as grass. Sometimes they are hard to see. Make different types of mailboxes along with different colors. When you grow corn, there are two stages when the corn is able to be harvested. Make it when it is grown more (the second stage of harvestable corn) give more corn. When you are guiding a survivor to your base, it seems like they cant be hurt/zombies are not attracted to them, only me. I made on touch a zombie more than once and she didn't get hurt. Make the ability to harm other survivors and if you hurt them enough, they will fight you. If make the map bigger, add a rival survivors base that will be hostile towards you. Make something in mountains like a path and put the cave up there or some other survivor. If you do that then make ore that you can mine for metal there using the pickaxe in the farm shed or somewhere else. When a different survivor say the hobo picks up a melee weapon, in the thing where the say katana was will be replaced by a bat, not the molotovs that he holds. Add an autosave system with the option to turn it off.  Make it in the missions tab: save sheriff, save football player, etc and collect orb from cave, hospital, church with check-mark boxes next to them and once you get it there will be a check. When you collect all three, it would be: go to monolith then when you do return to base. And once you did that and beat the game the mission will be reach Horde # and you get some kind of reward. Then the horde number in the mission will go up and you will get a better reward and so on. Make it so when you will pick up/buy keys, it will go into the key items inventory in the same order as it is listed in the codex.

if you quit before collecting a key but you saved the person, when you reload, is the person supposed to be where they are before you save them with the key put down? Is it currently possible to get all the items in the codex? When do you plan on releasing the next update?

You dont have to respond to everything i wrote but could you answer my questions? Thanks


Hey Lotdot,

Just give me a day or two to respond to all your questions. Thanks so much for finding all this stuff!




Hey Lotdot,

Sorry for the delay, I have a lot of work piled up.

Q: Bullet boxes, bullets, food can get stuck on top of things you cant get to ex: in shed you can get food that is on a table half characters size. (maybe add a jump?

Jump goes against the design of the game really, since the items are physics based is difficult to predict what will happen. I’ll try and find a solution

Q: Is the dog supposed to make cars float a little sometimes when he runs into them? 

No, the dog currently has a simple AI where its only focused on getting near the player unaware of walls or cars. The AI for all characters will be updated soon.

Q: Are you supposed to be able to walk up a fallen electrical post to get over a farm fence?

Was not intended, but seems like pretty cool if it is possible

Q: Will you make it so you can build roofs? 

Not roofs, eventually there will be much more upgradeable build objects; New traps, survivor manned structures, plants, etc

Q: Will you add a crafting system? 

The plan is to add more depth to the Roguelike dungeons and Tower Defense aspects of the game, and add online modes with customizable characters and skins

Q: Are the orbs that you collect supposed to disappear when you complete the game?

Once the roguelike dungeons are updated there will be official bosses that give you the orbs. the orbs will be a usable asset as well as the keys to end the apocalypse

Some suggestions: A a buildable garage door/gate for vehicles. 

A build able Garage is planned

Seasons and weather. 

Would be really cool, there is just a lot of things with more priority

Make the molotovs so that when you throw them that they will also make fire burning in a certain radius from where you throw them. 

Molotov fire and spreadable fire overall is planned 

The tools in the farm shed are useless now. make it so it takes longer to break trees unless you have the axe that is there. Make rocks breakable with the pick that is in the shed.

The plan is to have only the farmer character be able to change his weapon here as a harvest moon homage.

Make a limit on how many gates, walls, spikes etc depending on how many hordes you have defeated (but no limits on corn/trees that you can plant). You can make a cheatcode that will remove the limit for people who want no limit or beat the game and want to build a huge base. 

There definitely needs to be a limit, It just needs some balancing to really hone in the numbers

Have survivors you save wander around or near your base but when there is a herd/horde attacking they come to the safehouse to defend it. Be able to take other survivors with you, not just the dog.

This is planned. Also various types of companion animals

if you quit before collecting a key but you saved the person, when you reload, is the person supposed to be where they are before you save them with the key put down? 

Yes, the survivors drop the keys when you reach the base. the key will reset to their origin point if you didn’t collect it.

Is it currently possible to get all the items in the codex? 

everything except the third option which is Rock, the upcoming resource

When do you plan on releasing the next update?

Lots of new stuff and these bug fixes coming very soon! Just trying to launch on PlayStation and Steam already so that the game grows on all the platforms together.

Hope this answered all your questions, 

Stay Tuned,


I found a strange bug.  You can get out of circle when you start the game if you are behind a building or (very hard) tree. If the guy starts walking you will be pressed on the building or tree and you will pop out of the circle if you did it correctly. You cant do much because after some time it will make you reset and choose your character (because that is what happens. The guy walks around the fence and tells you to join when ready.) There is enough time to go into the cave but you will get the bat and the gun and everything is normal. Its just a way to skip the tutorial even though you can select that option when you get to it (but it is faster to do the glitch than to wait to have to skip the tutorial). If you have no ammo but you try to shoot, zombies will still get attracted to you. In the tutorial there are stumps that bottle will be placed on so you can shoot them when you receive the game. You can break the stumps and the bottle wills be floating. You cant move spike if you are touching the ends. You have to be on the sides to move them. The tree stump looks strange if a part of it is on the grass and another is on the road:

You should make it that it takes more than one hit to get metal from a car. Make it so when you are selecting slots, add the ability to copy them. In the tutorial the save option is darkened and you cant save. But you can select it. Make it so that it will be skipped when going up/down the menu. When you add it to steam, make achievements. ex Upgraded a base, Saved a person, got orbs. You can die in the tutorial without penalty. Make a hidden achievement for dieing in the tutorial (either once or multiple times).

I died once and now I can no longer deposite resources in to the home base. Please fix! Because i absolutely love this game

I just found out about onslaught mode. Why is it hidden? In the tutorial a zombie spawned before it should. Sometimes zombies just disappear randomly. The tutorial guy just walks straight through the gate without it opening. When start quests, if later in the quest you need to collect items (ex: donut,wood) but you are able to get the quest versions where it spins around your head before you are told to get it.

 Make a health bar on structures so you now how long until it breaks. Make it clear you can skip the opening intro. Make it so on hard and onslaught npc that you were not able to save because the died stay dead and don't respawn when you load again. Make it that most or at least some cars don't have fuel and are already damaged like missing doors. Make the metal on cars not respawn when you load again at least on hard/onslaught.

My son just downloaded dont bite me bro for the ps4 and it seems to have a few problems...he cant upgrade the house any more the option to up grade doesnt come up. sometimes when he gets back in the game resources and ammo starts back at zero. stuff he has bought with bones dont restart with him.  hope things start running game to play with my son. thank you