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In This Game Jam You Will Make A Game based On UNICORNS. You Will have 6 days, GOOD LUCK! If you need any help please post on the forum. You will not be able to judge as that will be up to the 3  judges. If you want to make a game differing to the theme contact me at Please do not cheat or copy anyone else or there will be consequences. 


  1. No cheating
  2. Unicorn Themed
  3. Must be interactive
  4. HAVE FUN!!!

This game jam is for those creative minds out there that want to challenge themselves to make a fun and cute game based on unicorns, please have fun and do not enter preloaded games into this game jam. You should challenge your self in this unicorn themed game jam and create a spectacular game that will wow the judges, I hope you make a fantastic game and have fun, you are allowed to use any game engine you desire 2 dimensional or 3 dimensional, but we prefer 2d and some good game engines for this is; unity -- simple(3d and 2d), game maker 2(amazing 2d, but terrible 3d) and these game engines I just talked about are simple, but powerful for almost any king of programmer whether you are an absolute beginner or an advanced programmer, be sure to check out the judges' projects(silentMasterand xoXmadelinaXox and XDjammyDX). As me the host(silentMaster) I will publish a simple example project to guide you along your way. HAVE FUN!!!

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3 -- silentMaster and  xoXmadelinaXox and XDjammyDX
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A cute unicorn experience!