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Some hidden horror gems 2

A topic by ApeHardware created 26 days ago Views: 180
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Yes, this is a sequel previous post. While this site is great for finding creative short free horror games, some of them end up ignored. As someone who has made games that suffered from this, I'm making these post to get these games some attention. I have found more than these, but I decided to mention the most quality / interesting ones.

Most of these don't contain jumpscares unless I mention it on their description.

Penance - an abseiling horror game. This translates into top-down gameplay with jumping and the twist that you are pulled towards the latest checkpoint (where the climber's rope is placed), which adds an interesting positioning element when jumping above hazards.  The eerie yet calm atmosphere is great, with a vague story that makes you wonder what the heck it's going on. Oh, it also has giant worms.

Never Ending Entropy - this is the definiton of "it gets better later" (you even have to unlock the sound and music). However, the game is a fun an interesting dungeon crawler set in a surreal void. Even before the combat it's unlocked, wandering the game's surreal void setting is enjoyable.

Shes Coming -  at first glance, this may look like a bad meme game. The premise is that a "divine being" with a broken back and a hookshot has to outrun a asian ghost. But it turns out that it's a solid platformer that can be pretty tense at times thanks to a little twist: Not-Kayako moves faster than GrappleGun Jesus, so you have to take advantage of the fact that the hook gives you a boost in speed. The only shortcomings is that there is a noisy jumpscare when you get caught by the ghost and the later levels can be a little too long. Yes, GrappleGun Jesus does die in one hit. Japanese ghost girls a just that hardcore.

Castille - a short silent platformer. The gameplay is simple but solid, but the game's main appeal is its bizarre setting and monsters. For instance, your character is a headless twitching humanoid. I like to call it Casty.

DEATH of an NPC - this one is more of an interactive story. You are locked in a room with another character, and the only way to progress is to hit him. Repeatly. The victim is voice-acted and his responses range from psychological horror to just plain funny. The game also has a great artstyle: everything is made out of cardboard!

Into The Light - this one is more of... nevermind, it's pretty much an interactive story, the text-based kind. You wake up in a laboratory and have to escape. However, there's one problem: you are a test subject, and they might have added something yo you...

And that's all for this time. Have fun, take care, play the damn games already, and have a nice day.