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Planet exploration and survival game with base building. · By Cairn4

Unexpected crash (+Bonus Bugs)

A topic by Delofon created Oct 14, 2017 Views: 206 Replies: 7
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When normal mission reaches 21 day (i think of that) game just crashes. Maximum day is 11, i just continued playing my normal mission after it "ended" (or, even this is a bug?). Can you fix it? +Bonus Bugs:

  1. When cargo hasn't got empty cells you can't put there things that cargo has.
  2. When you eat something when driving the buggie the animation of eating will be played after you exit the buggie.
  3. When you driving the buggie there will be always "Cat 1" and "Color 1", but you choosed "Cat 3" and "Color 5".

For some reason game stopped crash. Probably after "restarting the computer". Sorry for making this topic, but i won't delete it, if these unexpected crashes will appear i'll just reply.


Thanks for the bug reports!

Hmm the game should give you a lame "You win!" message if you reach the end of a Normal Mission - will have to see if that got messed up with the latest update.

Will also look into the other issues. Totally forgot about the cat color stuff for driving the buggie haha

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About the "You win!" message: i had it, but i just loaded the save, i couldn't don't continue playing it, i just were got a far away in the walktrough, but, it's OK, i started endless mode and got everything i had and even better.


I think I want to have a bigger discussion, probably on the forums sometime soon about how people feel about the "Normal" / Mission mode.  As it is now... I personally think it's pretty weak - all you need to do survive X days, and the payoff isn't very exciting. My hunch is most people play Endless.

As much as I like the idea of having the game have more "goals" in it... I might just swap out the "Normal" mode for a basic "Creative" mode for the time being.  BUT... wanna see what everyone thinks about it first.

Also i forgot about one more bug: do you remember these messages saying that you picked up something? So when you are picking up, for example, 5 ice it shows "Picked 1 ice", but you picked 5.


Huh! I just noticed this.  I must have broke something along the way - could've sworn it used to work and count properly haha.  Thanks!


Fixed this! Will be in the next update :)