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Sportsman: Boxing, a quick boxing game.

A topic by Albert created Oct 14, 2017 Views: 110
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Sportsman: Boxing is a videogame great for the spare time, it is easy to pick up and has quick matches to play against your friends or the PC. Select amongst 4 players: Finnley Fists, Crosby Cross, Henry Hooks and Jeffrey Jabs. The game also has Controller gamepad compatibility


I'm a new indie developer in my way to improvement. Currently I'm working alone but would be great if I can collaborate with anyone to create great games.  I've made this game in two weeks experimenting with 2D Unity engine and Controller Inputs

Important Note: The game has only been tested with Xbox controllers so if you are playing with a DS4 or other kind of gamepad you may experience some bugs.

I really appreciate any feedback you have on my game.


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