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Katja's Abyss: Tactics

A turn-based tactical game with minesweeper-inspired mechanics. Play the campaign to learn what Katja's planning. · By OneHundredThousand

Keyboard Commands

A topic by Mark Alan created 99 days ago Views: 44 Replies: 4
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Does anyone have a list of all the Keyboard command for this game?



The majority of them are in the settings menu and the game's readme, but I just realized that hotkeys for unit actions are missing. I'll add that to the task list for v2.9. Thanks for pointing this out!

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You're welcome.  I own the Steam version of your game, and was curious if there was a keyboard command for "End Turn".


I don't think so. I should add one. 

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That would be  fantastic!  By the way, the music you composed is very good!