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TCD - A shooter with a twist !

A topic by Kizu created Oct 13, 2017 Views: 127 Replies: 1
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Hi ! We created a game in 48 and we would be happy if you could play it with a friend of yours !

It's a game about shooting on ennemies, but with a new mechanic !
Please tell us if you see some problems or if you have some questions we will be happy to answer them :)

You can play the game for free on there and donate if you want to support us for creating new games !

Our devblog ! :

Please download this font for full pleasure :

Thank you,

Kizu and Thomas Lean


Cool game. My laptop keyboard wasn't able to hit 4 keys at once though :(. Maybe a mode where you only have to hit two at a time, and chain them to hit all 4.