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Cookie Cutter MZ - Hunger/Thirst System

A project template for RPG Maker MZ. Copy and paste it into your own project to utilize a custom evented hunger system! · By Caz

MV support?

A topic by Quethalm created Jul 05, 2021 Views: 465 Replies: 8
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Only question, are these template tutorials backwards compatable with RPG maker MV?


Hey, thanks for asking! 

Some of them are, but some of them require MZ-only plugins or features. The Hunger/Thirst system would technically work with MV but it would need some edits, since it uses the Text to Picture plugin for MZ for the apple/water icons so it'd have to be changed to just use it as a regular picture instead. :>

Thanks, mind if I inquire about your other works before I start buying them up next payday.


Of course! Feel free to ask any questions here or on their pages. :D 

Guess my question would be the farming/fishing/relationship/day&night systems. Also curious about the gambling system.


The Farming System should work in MV technically but I haven't tested it at all.

The Fishing System will work in MV.

The Relationship System won't work in MV unless you can find a plugin that converts text into pictures, or a separate way to show the text in the menu, since it uses MZ's Text to Picture plugin.

The Day & Night System will work in MV but won't be able to show the clock on screen, since it uses MZ's Text to Picture plugin, again unless you can get the same kind of thing for MV.

The Gambling System is pretty much the only one that has been tested in MV and definitely works. :>


So the actual system still works it just needs a litttle something for the visuals to actually show up. Fair enough, just picked up the bundle. Thanks for all your work!

Oh you made the ocean nostalgia stuff, sweet. I like your work and bought that all up for a zelda-y game I'm working on. In fact I wanted to know about the farming/fishing systems to give it some rune factory flavor.


Ahh I can't take any credit for the Nostalgia series, since those are made by a super talented pixel artist by Ocean's Dream! Thanks so much for the support though, I know it really means a lot to him! <3