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*Redeems 50,001 channel points*

So the actual system still works it just needs a litttle something for the visuals to actually show up. Fair enough, just picked up the bundle. Thanks for all your work!

Oh you made the ocean nostalgia stuff, sweet. I like your work and bought that all up for a zelda-y game I'm working on. In fact I wanted to know about the farming/fishing systems to give it some rune factory flavor.

Guess my question would be the farming/fishing/relationship/day&night systems. Also curious about the gambling system.

Thanks, mind if I inquire about your other works before I start buying them up next payday.

Only question, are these template tutorials backwards compatable with RPG maker MV?

I got the demo in a bundle and I got to say. Great game for it's genre. It's pretty relaxing and seeing the features to come sounds pretty damn great. Good luck in your build, will likely pick up a copy for me and my girlfriend when the official release drops. 10/10 if you're looking for a chill puzzle game with some nice neon flare to the art.

So my only question is... would the trilogy ever go on sale in a bundle? I'll admit I've only been holding out because I'm unreasonably frugal but I'm on the brink of just cracking and buying them all after a my next paycheck.

Bless you then, next payday I'm likely to buy a bundle.

So... your asset packs once purchased are free to use in a game commercially right? I'm looking to make a few games of various genre's and yours looks great for high fantasy.