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Make and teach robots to automate the world! · By Denki

What to add in 1.61

A topic by HUNTERROTHMAN2 created Oct 11, 2017 Views: 132 Replies: 2
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- multiplayer,not by force!

- more robots and more controls over the robots.

- a freind system.

- username creator system to find freinds or to go on multiplayer!

- more structers.

- more items to make.

- add humans that can work for you.

- add food patch!weed dose not grow in this only carrots!

- add new item carrot!

- add guard bot

- add humans who will attack you

- add swords

- add monsters

- add human guard

- add monster guard <Have to capture it,can do work for you to!>

- add music changeer,to change to the music you want,only background music,can't change the SFX!

- add a player search system.

- add gamemodes for serves

- pleas make mods

- give players the ability to make servers and host / run them with a save they have,can save but not as the same name like this (Server (#))

- add better homes and more stuff

that's all of my ideas!


dude this is two people working on a game

I dont think they can do all that in 3 days

well maby in the next update?after 1.61!it was a hope not a "you have to do it" thing OK?