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Perseus (Greek mythology based platform game)

A topic by Pandora's Jar created Oct 10, 2017 Views: 826 Replies: 8
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Menu Screen

Perseus is action-platformer game based on the myth of Perseus and his
quest to kill Medusa. This is the first level demo as the game is under
development. The game uses graphics that are similar to ancient Greek
pottery art.

At this point I have finished 1 small level. I am planning releasing 6 levels.

Character design for level 2.  From Level 2 and on Perseus will be able to use a shield and a sword.

Very unique art style, keep up the awesome work!

Thank you,  I am glad you like it.

Goddess Athena gives Perseus his sword and shield

  Ancient Greek ship. For level 2

In between Levels you will be able to exchange gold for items

You will be able to get ambrosia (golden apple) that revives you when you die.

And Eather that will make you invincible for a short amount of time.

Future levels will include more items.

                    A new enemy that will appear in Level 2 of the game.

Level 1 Demo