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Released my first game and it's sucks, what do you think?

A topic by Abhijit Kar created Jan 27, 2016 Views: 567 Replies: 3
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2 days ago I uploaded a partially finished game that I stopped working on, realising it wasn't fun to play.

Also seeing how Juicy Beast studio failed financially after working for two years on their game, made me depressed, cause even with all their experience their game was not well received, so how my game would survive.

A link to their page as well -

It's a puzzle game -

I'm a programmer, so the artwork sucks too. I wanted honest reviews from others, as to what they make of this game.

Rest of the details can be found on that page.

from the screenshots it looks interesting/funny, but i dont have an android device so i cant play it :/ do u plan on releasing it for pc?

No, you see it was designed to be touch friendly.

Although it could be ported to pc, it'll feel weird.

And I don't want to make a pc version untill I'm sure it's fun to play.


I wouldn't base your success or failure off the experience of others. If you feel your game isn't fun to play, ask yourself what's bothering you about it? What's standing out to you and feeling like you're not enjoying it, or making you feel that others wouldn't? Rather than taking a negative focus based on another studio, keep your focus internal, on your own project, and work to correct issues that are present :)