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Finding Monsters

A topic by iamdoodle created Jun 24, 2021 Views: 157 Replies: 11
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Hey, sorry if this is a silly question, but I'm new to this type of game. I just started, and did the quest with Nyla at that abandoned town. I found the bounty for cytoplasm but I can't find any more barrel sludges to fight, and I'd also like to level up, but the only monster I've found so far is the antlion, which has killed me five times now. Am I doing something wrong?

Hello, and thanks for trying out VoltAge:Genesis!

Regarding the Cytoplasm bounty - Cytoplasm is a "common" drop from both Sludges and Barrel Sludges, both of which can be found in most "open" (i.e. not underground or inddors) areas of the game. Because some areas have larger spawn pools than others, they can be hard to find in some areas...if you go to the sandy area near New Panavinto (the town with the clean water west of where you start), they should be fairly common there.

Regarding levelling up - Fighting normal monsters in areas close to New Panavinto should be enough to get you a few levels fairly quickly; however just remember that enemies will not generally attack you on the roads. As a rule of thumb, the enemies to the west of the starting town are easier, while the ones to the east and south are harder. Stick close to New Panavinto, make short forays into Deadlands to earn money and exp, and be sure to talk to everyone for more quests and lore. If you are progressing through the game completing quests as they arise, you should not need to do any heavy levelling until just before / after you leave for the island of Mateyo. At that point, the difficulty of the game will jump up quite a bit.

Regarding the Antlion - Assuming you are referring to the "Scarred" Antlion that the Deadhanders at the Checkpoint send you to fight, I would recommend not tackling it until you are around level 12-15 (unless you are willing to spend lots of time and money getting lucky with Unstable Batteries) avoid the Checkpoint you can simply cut south through the dried lakebed near New Panavinto.

Rest assured, you are not doing anything wrong! Because of its open-world-lite setup (and my own level of experience with RPGs of this sort), VoltAge:Genesis has the potential to be pretty tough (or even downright merciless) in some areas. Keep at it, go slowly, and I am sure you will be fine...and if you need help or tips, I am always here to help!

Hi, I have just started the game and I also can't find any monster. I'm assuming you're supposed to stumble on them on the map outside the roads but when I walk outside the roads all around the map there's no battle or monster showing up at all. I actually  started to play with the previous version and thought that the 7.2 would fix it so I deleted the previous file and downoladed the updated one then started a new game. I got only one random fight just after leaving for the first time to find who Gregory is but after that nothing again. Monsters/Battles associated with quests and in towns still work (i found a cabin with lot of wasps and had to battle some drones in areas) but since i can't level up without random monsters in between there's way overpowered for my level and I get one hit killed ...

Are you by any chance wearing the Silver Band found during the Prologue?

I just checked, Nolan is wearing it

Yeah there's your problem, that item prevents any random encounters from occurring haha.

"A plain silver band used by the dev to avoid monsters. How did you get this, anyway?!"

Or something to that effect. :)

Ah ok that make sense. I didn't see the description of the object because I always clicked on Optimized to Equip I think. Well, thank you for that easy fix :) I'm glad I can start to play cause the game really look good so far

Well, I'm just thankful that the issue was an easy fix...I was worried that I had messed something up :D

iamdoodle, I know it's been awhile, but please see above...did your issue get resolved, or was this possibly your problem as well?

Hey thanks for checking! I finally realized the problem....Nolan was wearing that silver band that prevents random encounters. Whoops! I just recently figured that out so I'm now very excited to play more!

Well, I'm glad...I'm so sorry that it didn't click for me sooner that people might not realize what the ring was doing...I feel terrible (-__-)

Don't feel bad! I really like that we can turn off random encounters when we need. Plus now I'm having all kinds of fun!