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Hi, I have just started the game and I also can't find any monster. I'm assuming you're supposed to stumble on them on the map outside the roads but when I walk outside the roads all around the map there's no battle or monster showing up at all. I actually  started to play with the previous version and thought that the 7.2 would fix it so I deleted the previous file and downoladed the updated one then started a new game. I got only one random fight just after leaving for the first time to find who Gregory is but after that nothing again. Monsters/Battles associated with quests and in towns still work (i found a cabin with lot of wasps and had to battle some drones in areas) but since i can't level up without random monsters in between there's way overpowered for my level and I get one hit killed ...

Are you by any chance wearing the Silver Band found during the Prologue?

I just checked, Nolan is wearing it

Yeah there's your problem, that item prevents any random encounters from occurring haha.

"A plain silver band used by the dev to avoid monsters. How did you get this, anyway?!"

Or something to that effect. :)

Ah ok that make sense. I didn't see the description of the object because I always clicked on Optimized to Equip I think. Well, thank you for that easy fix :) I'm glad I can start to play cause the game really look good so far

Well, I'm just thankful that the issue was an easy fix...I was worried that I had messed something up :D