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A Homie Adventure

A topic by sidneysacchi created Oct 04, 2017 Views: 101 Replies: 2
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A Homie Adventure
A Homie Adventure - Short point-and-click adventure game by Sidney Sacchi

A Homie Adventure is a short point-and-click adventure and is my first attempt at game development and at using AGS.

The story is pretty simple and as you can tell by the graphics it's a tribute to LucasFilm Games, David Fox, Ron Gilbert, Tim Schafer & Gary Winnick.

The game page is here:

I hope you'll like and enjoy the game.

Living during that time I can you hit it on the spot.. I wasn't much for these type of games but you have honored the idea well.

Thank you with a huuuuge delay! :D Happy holidays and happy new year!
Thanks for your comment ^_^