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Eatvolve is a playful eat-em-up evolution game. · By papadar

How can I help?

A topic by Coolgaming933 created Oct 01, 2017 Views: 392 Replies: 12
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I kind of want to help this project, but I don't really want to use money, so I'm wondering if there's a way I can help you with scripting or spriting?


mebe some sprites ? hehe

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Those are most of my best sprites, just tell me what you want me to make. P.S. I didn't mean I was going to use those sprites


Cool i like the golems ?
it occurred to me that best help would actually be some level designs!

I am using Tiled editor to make my levels, and although i create them as one entire thing,
in game i stitch them together using a different piece for the bottom, middle and top
Would you be up for sketching out some level pieces? i would love to have a way more of these, especially for the starting piece
(with the yellow square below)
Let me know!

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do you mean, like, level sprites, to make it easier to tell what things are? Yeah you are I think, so i'll do that. btw, do you know legendary wars?

I also made this sprite cuz it took me a while to figure it out Fishy

Ok I did a decent job, but I didn't really have much time.

Top -  (I'm thinking of a sprite I could use for putting in between the grass, but once again, didn't have much time.)

Middle -  

Bottom -

Spawn - (P.S. I didn't do to well on this one but I didn't have much time.)


hey I'm sorry i wasn't clear enough!
the sprites are tricky, as i want to make sure they are all in the same style
would you be interested in doodling some levels tho? something like the page below
the bottom half of this page became the level i pasted up above!

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I can try, just tell me what you want in the level, and this might be easier if you can dm me on discord. Also, now that I think about it, you said sketch, and I thought you meant sprites. :P


Can I help with Level Design 

Developer (1 edit)

sure! would love some levels in the game not designed by me :D and I will add you to the credits!
If you want to sketch out something i am happy to adapt that to the level format i'm using?
Each third of a level can be mirrored left / right, and swapped with any other.
So because of this I need the three 'pass through' sections indicated in white on the tiled editor screen shots to always be in the same position.
The middle one is always accessible from above and below, while the left and right ones can either be accessible from above, or below, or both

I would like to have the greatest variety of the starting section ( currently the bottom of the dirt area ) so if you'd prefer to just design that section that would be a great help too!

The other Biomes are still in flux, i haven't locked down the rules for which joins need to be accessible as yet, though they will end up being similar.