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Textreme 2

a text editor that looks and feels like a game · By Ash K, fiddlemouth, Maxim Loboda

I really like the font for this game! Is it possible to use it for other programs?

A topic by TailaBlu created Jun 16, 2021 Views: 295 Replies: 2
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The font of this game is so cute and lively and playful! Once I get the game, I know I'm gonna have tons of fun making everything go wacky while typing! But I was wondering if the font is one you could potentially use as a regular old TTF for other programs too? I'd love if I could customize some of my own things with it, especially since it carries so many different languages under its belt!


The main font - miniwakuwaku only supports Latin and Japanese (and also some weird shapes and Japanese brackets). For symbols not present in the main font the game uses the Noto font family in a bold weight.

Also the files for miniwakuwaku are kinda weird and for a lot of symbols which it doesnt have it instead draws a zero width character instead of saying that it doesnt know how it should look like which would allow the tools you use to use a different font. I think max made a script that fixed that issue of miniwakuwaku for use in textreme. I will let you know if i find it.

Thank you, that's really cool of you!!