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这个游戏真的很可爱! 我不是中国人,所以我想问一下,在任何时候你都可以接受有人把这个游戏翻译成英文吗?如果这是你经常遇到的问题,或者是让你困扰的问题,我很抱歉,这是我最不想做的事情。这个游戏只是看起来很有趣!

I am INSANELY excited right now, and I can't wait to give your hard work a play! I'll be streaming it to my friends when it releases! Thank you so much for all of your hard work! ^u^

I wanna give you a big, hearty congratulations on your release!! I don’t have the funds right now but when I do I’m gonna play to my heart’s content and probably give a more proper review, maybe? Anyway congrats!!

I'm excited that you're updating this over time, I'm curious about if you're planning to continually update to try to cover even more languages!

I! Love this! I've never felt such a strong need to comment on someone's work before, this really is an amazing game! I can't wait to see your progress towards finishing and releasing this! Hopefully I'll have enough money scraped together to get the full product.

I'll keep from playing the demo again so that once the finished product is released, it'll be as if I was playing it for the first time all over again, but know that I love this game and where it's headed! I can't wait for more!

This would be a really fun project to watch slowly grow an extended character set. It's just so cute!

Thank you, that's really cool of you!!

The font of this game is so cute and lively and playful! Once I get the game, I know I'm gonna have tons of fun making everything go wacky while typing! But I was wondering if the font is one you could potentially use as a regular old TTF for other programs too? I'd love if I could customize some of my own things with it, especially since it carries so many different languages under its belt!

It worked 100%!! Thank you so so much!!

OMG, thank you so so much! I'll put this to the test and see how it works out, but I appreciate the help so much! <3

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My sincerest apologies if this is something you've heard before or have addressed before, but it really does confuse me. Do some of the characters cause the font to have such large spacing gaps? I don't mean between words, I mean between lines of text. This paragraph looks as if I wrote it while spacing between each line, but this is all on the same 'line' of text. I haven't hit Enter yet.

When I do hit enter twice to make a more visible paragraph break, there is a very large gap. I understand that this is a video game font, and respect all of the hard work put into it. But what if I want to use it for something that doesn't have the option of changing the spacing, like this game here?

I would try to mess around with the spacing myself, but I don't understand how I would do that on a program like Fontforge. Is it possible this will be fixed in a future, 'final' release, after you've done everything you want to with the font and the characters it will have? If so, I'm always willing to wait and encourage you to work on your font! But it's a curiosity I have, and I'm sorry if this is brought up often.

There's this game I've been wanting to try, but haven't really gotten up the money to do so yet. I can't find it currently because I can't remember the name, so all I can do is remember the aesthetic and setting details about it.

I remember it had a female protagonist, and she was a human, though in the setting that's a little rare. I think the setting was some form of underground/underwater city after some sort of eldritch-related post-apocalyptic event. Despite the dour state of the setting it didn't really seem to have a dark tone, the art was a little toony as well.

I've been trying to do different eldritch-related tags in both the search engine and google itself, and I haven't been able to find it. The gameplay seems to be a cross between VN and side-scroller. I also think it was a paid game, but I could be wrong. Please, if anyone could help me find this game, I'd really really appreciate it!