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Fronton - Arcade / Sports game.

A topic by Albert created Sep 28, 2017 Views: 94
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Hi everybody, my name is Alberto and Fronton is my very first videogame. 

I'm a total beginner when it comes to making videogames but want to change that. Any feedback is gold to me on this early stage on my new journey to become a great indie developer.

Fronton is a 5 min  arcade game where you aim to set the highest score with 3 tries, it is similar to good old tennis but for 1 player.

It can be played with just the arrow keys and Z key or you can have more precise controls with A, C, D keys. You can even explore the little map I've made. There are two courts: red and blue, you can choose the one you like the most to play.

If you like it you can download the PC version for free.