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Random Map Generator

A topic by Locomule created Sep 27, 2017 Views: 585 Replies: 2
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This tutorial project is a tutorial and demo for programmers on the effectiveness of Wang Tiles for generating random 2D maps for games using tiled maps. Wang Tiles are designed so that no matter how placed, the edges always line up. Included is my custom designed animated chains and pulleys tileset, and link to an website explaining Wang Tile in great detail.


That's an interesting topic! Randomly generating plausible (sub)urban maps can be tricky, so any technique that helps is welcome. But Firefox refuses to run your demo; are you by any chance loading remote resources over unencrypted HTTP?

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Fixed, thank you! Was a remark I left in my HTML file that affected Firefix but not Chrome, I'v been using Chrome so I missed it. Scratch projects are hosted at MIT (usually) and linked here via HTML, which is pretty handy for updates.

Yeah, Wang Tiles are hella cool. The concept is pretty simple too. At the moment, I am experimenting with a tiled game screen that overlays 2-edge tiles and 2-corner tiles, which probably sounds like nothing yet to you yet, I know. Check that site out, it is awesome, If it goes as planned, I can create a map of intersecting paths on two layers, like roads and bridges although you can do that on a single layer as well, so I may end up with 2 vertical layers, each with 2 sets of paths. Not sure if I want a vehicle or runner traversing the map yet but since it is a tiled system and a full set contains only 16 tiles, you only have to plot player movement across each tiles routes once, then you will be ready for full map movement. Throw in scrolling and random tile generation at edges and yeah, you'll be asked a million times how in the heck you did that? ;)

Edit: Reading my own words, I suddenly want a vehicle you can drive around of and then get out of to access sidewalks, etc. Then I'll add guns and missions, lots of gore and sex, drugs, and I'll call it Grand Theft.. wait a minute.. :/