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select screen linux

A topic by mybrainsshit created Sep 25, 2017 Views: 377 Replies: 1
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Hey so i have Freerider runing in linux. My shell command is: "./'fpvrechargedlinux...' -screen-fullscreen 0 -screen-width 1366 -screen-height 768 "

I need to limit the resolution cause my built in gpu (HD530) isn't fast enough for higher resolutions, but still i d like to use the fullscreen on my 1080p screen. This is possible with -screen-fullscreen 1, i know that. So now my question is: i have 3 screens attached to my desktop, is there a cmd to select the screen? cause unfortunately my first screen , which seems to be selected as default, is in portrait mode so the sim looks shit on that :D. if i start the game the terminal outputs "client has 3 screens", then continues to list them as "displaymanager screen (0)(DP1): 1080x1920" and "displaymanager screen (1)(HDMI1): 1920x1080" and so forth. So it seems to detect it right, i m only missing the select statement. Is there any? thanks for your support in advance. big fan of your sim!

Cheers, Janik


Hi, in Windows you can pass the command line parameter -adapter N

Unfortunately I don't think that works on Linux.

Here  is a list of all Unity runtime command line parameters:

Perhaps you can start it up in windowed mode, drag the window to the correct screen and the go fullscreen. At least in Windows it is possible to Alt+Enter to toggle between window/full screen mode.

I'm not a Linux user myself so I don't really know of another way. I'm glad you like the sim!