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Hey so i have Freerider runing in linux. My shell command is: "./'fpvrechargedlinux...' -screen-fullscreen 0 -screen-width 1366 -screen-height 768 "

I need to limit the resolution cause my built in gpu (HD530) isn't fast enough for higher resolutions, but still i d like to use the fullscreen on my 1080p screen. This is possible with -screen-fullscreen 1, i know that. So now my question is: i have 3 screens attached to my desktop, is there a cmd to select the screen? cause unfortunately my first screen , which seems to be selected as default, is in portrait mode so the sim looks shit on that :D. if i start the game the terminal outputs "client has 3 screens", then continues to list them as "displaymanager screen (0)(DP1): 1080x1920" and "displaymanager screen (1)(HDMI1): 1920x1080" and so forth. So it seems to detect it right, i m only missing the select statement. Is there any? thanks for your support in advance. big fan of your sim!

Cheers, Janik