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This has potential.

A topic by Skydjinn created Sep 22, 2017 Views: 723 Replies: 4
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I saw this when it was on KickStarter and liked the idea behind it. It definitely has that 90s Sega feeling to it, which I'm sure will only get better once the game is complete. Despite just being a demo for now, everything looks and works pretty well. The controls seem fine, the gameplay is fair with a slight challenge during the chases, and the puzzles don't seem like they would require a guide like in some games. Good job on this so far, and good luck  with the whole thing.


Thank you so much for the playthrough! I've noted a few things down to improve in that level.

We'll be adding extra music and some filler scenery to make it seem a little less empty. The mechanics change with each level so the rest don't suffer as much as Chapter 1, it's mostly an exploration of the forest and an introduction to the various types of Fuzzl.

Chapter 2 (Storm Warning) is a battle against the weather - strong winds blowing you (and the Fuzzls) about the place, followed by rain and lightning that you have to dodge.

Chapter 3(Heritage) is set in an abandoned treehouse village complete with traps to catch Djakks. Lots of buttons and lifts and falling bridge into spike pits, that sort of thing.

I'll reveal some of the other levels, mechanics and enemies nearer release :)

You're welcome. Glad I could provide...whatever I did for you to take notes.

It's good to hear music and filler will be added. Fun mechanics can only go so far without ambience.

The weather level sounds interesting and I like the idea of a trap level to play in.

Unsure if this is a known issue or not, but I felt it was important enough to point out. I was just playing again, seeing how far the demo went, and I hit pause during the transition between levels. When I arrived on the new screen, the character was in a sleeping position on the ground and I couldn't move. I hit pause again and he was upright, but things were dark. I unpaused and...honestly it looked somewhat nightmarish for a Sega game. Everything was blacked out or really dark, the path you walk on was barely visible, and his eyes were missing.

Basically, I broke the game by pausing it between stages.


That sounds like a palette error (I've fixed a few of those since that release). As for the sleeping, he does that when left alone for a while, but the left/right buttons should wake him up again. I've added it to the QA list and I'll see if I can reproduce.