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[Localization English-into-Russian] I can localize and QA your game into Russian

A topic by ivantoriya created Sep 20, 2017 Views: 147
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Games Localization (English-into-Russian)

I've translated English fiction and non-fiction literature for almost 2 years and now want to move into games localization. So, I’m looking for some interesting projects for my portfolio. I’d love to work with somebody and help reach Russian-speaking players.

Sometime in Steam reviews I can see the following:

  1. «Сразу предупреждаю - в игре НЕТ РУССКИХ СУБТИТРОВ! Русифицировано только меню. И это её единственный минус. Так что те, кто плохо знает английский, не поймут сюжета. А это тут самое главное.» (Trans.: First, be aware — there is NO RUSSIAN SUBTITLES! Just the menu. And that's the only flaw. Thus, who doesn't know English, can't understand the plot. And here it is really crucial.)
  2. «Подойдет для тех , кто знает английский.(т.к. нет rus субтитров и rus озвучки.» (Trans.: This is for those, who knows English (cause, there's no Rus subtitles and Rus voice over)
  3. «Для тех у кого плохо с английским думаю будет не интересно ее проходить, ждите пока не выйдут субтитры(если они вообще выйдут)» (Trans.: I think, it won't be interesting for those who has poor English, wait until rus subtitles will come (if come) )

E.g. I'm pretty sure I could fix it.  You can download a .pdf with examples of my work ( Feel free to contact me anytime via Discord (IvanToriya#1696), Skype (ivantoria) or email (