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Target Xplosion [Shmup/Manic Shooter]

A topic by Gumichan01 created Sep 20, 2017 Views: 752 Replies: 4
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Devblog #1

Hello everyone.

I think it's time to create a devlog of the game.


I will just talk about everything related to the progress of the game, if you want more information about the game itself, check this web page here.


Since the previous alpha release, I have been working on some new parts of the game, such as:

  • Dynamic game balancing (experimental)
  • Hit-feedback

Here is a preview of the dynamic game balancing

The dynamic game balancing (or dynamic rank system) is a work in progress feature that adapts the difficuty according to how the player is playing. Almost everything you are doing (combo, item usage, death, ...) in game may dynamically modify its difficulty. This feature is experimental and will be integrated in the beta version .

When you shoot an enemy, you didn't have the possibility to know if the enemy is destroyable. Actually, every enemies are destroyable.  But some of them have more health. 

That is why I integrated a kind of health bar above them, as you can see in those images


You have also noticed that there is this little point on the ship. It's the hitbox.

I am also working on integrating a "flash" effect on enemies when they get hit, modifying some sound effects and sprites.

That is for today. Thanks for checking this devblog!

DevBlog #2

Hello guys.

Today I will talk about something that was missing in the game: hit-feedback.

  • flash + audio feedback
  • particle effect

Flash + audio feedback

Some of you had trouble keeping track of your health. So I integrated two types of feedback.

The flash

Audio feedback

Particle effect

A particle effect on the bullets have been added in order to bring more life in the game. The display of the ship was also adapted according to how it moves and I added a small flash on enemies so you can know if you hit them or not.

Some existing sounds were also updated.

Gameplay video

This gameplay video shows the result.

Next step

I am working on modifying some enemy patterns and creating new sprites.

That is for today. Thanks for checking this devblog!

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DevBlog #3

Hello everyone.

It's been a while since I published the previous devblog. My studies are taking me a lot of time. So, It's very hard to keep working on the game at the same time. 


  • Boss pattern refactoring + death
  • Colours
  • Mid-bosses, enemies and 1st boss

Boss pattern refactoring + death

I modified the last pattern of the 3rd boss. This pattern is supposed to be quite hard. So, I didn't want the player to just stay static. The player has to move permanently.



There is also a proper animation of its death


I changed the colours of the first background. The first level takes place in a forest, so I used the green colour.



Mid-bosses, enemies and the 1st boss

There was a problem of graphical coherence in the previous alpha. So I created new sprites for the game in order to replace some of the sprites I used.

Here is one of them (made using GIMP)

In game

I also changed the sprite of the tower.

I did the same thing  with the 1st boss.

Next step

I'm still working on parallax in the other levels. All of these new features will be integrated in the 3rd alpha. It will be out at the end of October.

That is for today. Thanks for checking this devblog!

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DevBlog #4

Hello everyone.

Today is a big day, because the 3rd alpha of TargetXplosion is out.


  • Parallax
  • New release
  • Localization?


I modified the background of the two last levels, to bring more life into the game.

New release

The 3rd alpha of the game is available. It includes every updates I 've mentionned since the first devblog.


I started thinking about localizing the game. It is very important to do that because I am targetting a very large audience.  I made a french localization, but I will need people to translate the game in other language.  I created a repository that will contain translations.

Next Step

I think it is time to start making new levels. The game will contains 5 levels. I already made artworks of enemies. Those levels will be made into in the beta version. The dynamic rank system will be also integrated.  Don't hesitate to give me feedback on the current alpha, so I can improve it again.

That is for today. Thanks for checking this devblog!

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DevBlog #5

Target Xplosion 4th alpha (0.5.3)

Hello everyone.

I didn't posted anything since the last devblog, because I was very busy during those last months So I couldn't work on the fourth level as expected. Instead, I focused my work on some improvements:


  • Ouranos' paterns (the third boss)
  • Gamepad support

The last patterns of the third boss are harder in comparison with what you got in the previous alpha, because in this level, you have a very powerful item in the game (the bomb).

Gamepad Support

The game already has gamepad support, but it wasn't complete. Indeed, you couldn't change how you control the ship. In this version, this problem has been fixed.


I decided not to  publish the Linux version of this alpha, because  the game  has several bugs I don't have on Windows.

So you can only get the Windows version.

Next step

I think it's time to work on the fourth level.

Stay tuned!