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A topic by mrpete created Jan 20, 2016 Views: 223
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Food Fanatic is based on retro arcade/console game play. As Pepe, the player must deal with disgruntle unhappy customers. Don't let them starve or your FIRED. Collect tips and multiply Pepe's wages per day.

One version is HTML5 browser.

One version is for Windows(see documentation).

One version is HTML5 downloadable. Just download and unzip then drag or open with favorite browser. (chrome works very well)

It is suggested to read the documentation. It explains the premise of Food Fanatic in more depth.

Here is the page link:


Here are a few pics...

Sorry, no in-depth videos just a condensed '.gif' to give a quick idea of how the game works.

BTW, I'm rather new to the site and I'm still trying to get the hang of it!!!.. But it's really great so far...

Seeing all these great games classic and new alike....