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Upside-Down Dimensions

A topic by Hydra Interactive created Sep 18, 2017 Views: 108 Replies: 1
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Hello all ,

we have just landed on with our game Upside-Down Dimensions that we released a couple of Weeks ago on steam early access. We are now trying to integrate it also with as to be able to leverage from the community to make the game evolve in the right direction from a point of view of mechanics and gameplay.

Upside-Down Dimensionsis a colorful papercrafted/origami themed game, set in ancient Japan, where the hordes of evil have comeback to take the kingdom into chaos. Only two heroes faces the danger, Ryuu a Ronin Samurai, and Keiko a Princess. Each of them with a different gameplay and set of mechanics, balanced by the use of bi-dimensional puzzles.

You can know more about the game on the following channels

- Hydra Interactive Webpage

- Steam Page

-Twitter: Hydra, Upside-down dimensions

Admin (1 edit)

Interesting style. It looks like your project page isn't configured correctly. You specified that you had a Untiy3d file to upload. Unless you're using a really old version of Unity then I don't recommend selecting that option.

Additionally, it looks like you marked it as game assets. Please fix the classification.