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This Game is Trash(Stop-motion, Collectathon, Adventure)

A topic by anotherDev created Sep 16, 2017 Views: 267 Replies: 3
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This Game is Trash. A claymation collectathon/adventure game with lots of trash to collect, worlds to explore, and friends to meet.

A great smog cloud will cover the sky and kill everyone in a mere 30 days, you must plan each day accordingly if you have any hope of saving
the world.


Explore and Collect



I've been working on it for just over a year and hope to be finished with it early 2018. My goal is to make the game I really want to play,
and hope that there are others with similar game interests!

You can follow me on Twitter @ConorGarity for updates. I would love to have a playable early build within the coming weeks to give out to anyone interested to hear feedback. Thanks!! :p


The art style is great, thanks for sharing. We'd be glad to put it up on the homepage when you have a build available.

Hey! That's incredible! Thanks! I hope to have some sort of playable build in the coming weeks for feedback!

Weekly update! Comin' in hot! Woah!

Pins are equippable items that players find across the world. Each one offers a different power orbonus. They work much like badges in the Paper Mario games, if you've played those. However, the game's time mechanics and other systems allows for pins with unique and exciting effects. It really adds a lot to the game, figuring out which pins to equip to best suit what you plan on doing with your day.

Here are some examples:

Here are some examples:

In addition to finding them out in the worlds, you can also purchase many from Homeless Harry's shop with the trash you collect out on your adventures. He gets a new shipment every in-game day!

Hope you look forward to seeing what pin combinations work the best when you play the game! As I said, I am working on getting a playable build
ready, but I'm also working on the first trailer, which I hope to have October 1st! (Hopefully!) So look forward to that! Maybe! I think it'll be cool!