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[First Game] [NoobWork] Making a "Quarto" game

A topic by Orsu created Sep 16, 2017 Views: 162 Replies: 4
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Hello, Welcome to my devlog page.

I hear of SuperPowers on twitter i think, when it just came out. I immediatly thought "Woah that's awesome, i can finally try to seriously make a game !" (i already tried, but because i started from 0 i quickly got bored before all this work).

So i downloaded the Windows 64 Bits version, that would run very fastly on my gaming PC, and never even tried.

Few months later, i'm at uni, i have some more development experience, and because i have a game development class, i'm going to try for real; the teacher advised us to use "Unity" or such tools, but now i'm not not home anymore, and all i got is an ashtmatic 32-bits, 6 years old linux laptop. I'm writing this to motivate myself somehow, and maybe get help from "real" game devs ?

So, to show what i've done in the past you can check this : my first attempt at game; you see it didn't went far at all, and even tired me for sometimes.

Last year, i did this :, which is slightly better but still, not very good.

Both of them were done over the times of months, on an irregular fashion, and kinda abandoned at the video games orphanage (don't bother trying them they're not fun at all)

So today, i'm going to try to make a "Quarto" game, it's one of those games my parents had in the house, (it's this : ), i think it's not *too* hard and still let me space to add features if i'm very good at it.

Without wasting more time, here's my objectives for this project :

-2D game

-Played 1v1 human versus human (i'm bad at AIs :| )

-Has menus (And not click and the game starts right off)

-You can switch between the two sets of rules

-To put the pieces on the board, you drag and drop them (it's fancy i wanna do this instead of having them teleport)

I don't think it's too ambitious, but please give me your thoughts and opinions about this :)

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Real Actual Devlog :

Day One :

So i started by creating my scene and a "piece" sprite with dummy ugly drawings.

My scene

Here you can see the terrible drawings, and also, because the board is fixed, i made it as a sprite and not as a map object (Is it okay ?) Also, the "move with wasd" thing doesn't work, so i got to zoom in and out to move.

And so i started my first script : the thing that makes the pieces follow the mouse when clicked. My idea was that we check if the left button is clicked, and that if it's true, if the piece is at the same position as the mouse, we update the piece's position with the mouse's one.

But MousePosition gives me a Vector2 while actor.getPosition gives me a Vector3 and i can't compare those :/ (i know it's casting but i don't how to do that in typescript yet)


So, asserting Vector3 as a Vector2 is impossible because of incompatible methods; so instead i compared Vector2 y with Vector3 y and Vector2 x with Vector3 x. I ran without errors :D but now i have a piece coming out of the void, and that follows the mouse but not too much lol.

MMMMMmmmh i have a weird problem, i get mouse position and actor position, but even if the mouse is over the actor, their coordinates aren't even close ? Wth O_O

Day 2 :

Okay, i used a Ray to check when i click my object, it seems to be better but i still have the same problem : Mouse and Actors coordinates are never the same in super powers ? like, i get it, one is 3d and the other is 2d; but when x and y are compared they're nooooot the same at all :||||


Hi, if you're truely brand new to game development I recommend checking out Sebastian Lagues "intro to game development series". It teaches you all the Unity basics, as well as creating a menu I believe. 

Anyways, goodluck with your project!

Thank you ! But i'm not going to use Unity, my pc is way too bad; i'm trying to use SuperPowers for this project.


Oops my bad, I'm not familiar with SuperPowers Ill have to look it up. Still good luck with your project!