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[%50 off] Low Poly Forest Animals

A topic by Polyeme created Sep 13, 2017 Views: 402 Replies: 2
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i made %50 off sale for my 3d asset pack on!

For more information, you can check it out with this link if you are interested:


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I love this art style! Low poly at it's finest. If you are interested, you could help me out with a 2.5D low poly game. I'm afraid it would be paid post-launch though, with rev-share. Mainly because half of our crew is in high school, including myself, so yeah. Not much money coming from Chic-fil-a. The reason I can't just buy your asset pack is because none of the animals match up to what we are working on. It's a rogue-like dungeon, so hopefully there will be no deer there. Anyways, even if you don't accept, your art makes me slobber in awe. Great work!

Hey, i'm glad you liked them!

Feel free to contact me at:
we can talk about details there.