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Mod: Job View

A topic by Gibbs created Sep 11, 2017 Views: 2,089 Replies: 10
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I found it a bit annoying not to know what to expect when picking a a job for a slave,  so I made a tiny mod to make it clearer what every job does. 

Here's a few samples:

It's a few changes to two script files, and you can download it here:

- Note that you will need to re-save and re-load your game when you get a new slave. For some reason, the slave stats don't populate immediately when a new slave joins your mansion, but save-loading fixes that
- I'll take this down if asked by the creator
- The code is a horrible hack, but doing it better would require rewriting all the job functions to return full dictionaries


This seems pretty nice, I wouldn't attach it to the globals file though but rather make separate one. It might not be a bad idea for job functions to return dictionary. I would suggest an alternative mode to only show if something increases or reduces income without clean percentage. 

Agreed. All you really want to know is "what is the best job for this person, all things considered".

The exact amount of gold and XP should probably be shown as a description - similar to what you have for the slave "inspect" screen. All that's important is that different jobs describe the same amount of gold/XP in the same way.

The way this works right now is fine for my personal use (and it was quick enough to build). But if you'd like to put it in the game, I can rewrite the job functions and integrate things better. Hit me up at 8nbp31+3qz9yqhm7yrws@grr.la and we'll get in touch :)



Are there plans for this to be updated any time soon?

I quite liked the idea of that mod as well.

I have zero knowledge of the code, but tried and located the code created by Gibbs and incorporated it into newest public version files (, along with small updates - mostly changes to various numbers/formulas to reflect current state. Took me like two evenings, but it seems to work okay for me.

Did it just for personal use, but if perhaps someone would like it as well, you can download those two files here:


Of course all credit goes to Gibbs for the code(with small mutilation by me) and to the developer for great and fun game. If asked by them I will put the files down.


You rock man

FYi even this updated version breaks the current public, likely as it updates the version to 0.5.4 for some reason.

Just a heads up to anyone thinking of using these. They break the current public build, you wont be able to load your saves.

Lol, I am well aware that it breaks the current version, hence why I asked about an update.

Hahaa, i kinda figured :)

Just thought as this post has been brought back up to the frontpage from the depths, that newer players could use a heads up.