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More customization options on storefront page

A topic by Elizabeth Sampat created Sep 10, 2017 Views: 114 Replies: 2
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Hi folks!

I often find myself wishing I had more organizational options for the items I sell on I sell tabletop games, digital games, and ebooks, so having some kind of sorting options - dropdown menus, clearly delineated sections, something - would make it a lot easier to link directly to my storefront page. As it is, I link to my individual product pages on my personal website, which requires twice as much upkeep for me, and a lot more clicking for potential buyers.

That said, thanks for making a platform that I can use as my main sales portal!


Hey, thanks for the feedback. You're talking about having a way to organize your profile page correct? You'd like a way to add user-defined pages and tabs to put different games on?

exactly! Or even just being able to have everything on the same page, but with different headers and groupings.