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Pif et Hercule

A topic by MorphingThruTime created Sep 10, 2017 Views: 313 Replies: 4
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The dog Pif and the cat Hercules are characters of comic books and animated series, which was invented by the French artist Jose Cabrero Arnal. All that is occupied by Pif and Hercules is a confrontation between the two. You need to manage Hercules and you need to avoid meeting with the infuriated Pif. The game, as well as the events of the animated series are very simple. Throughout the game, you first need to collect all the dried fish. You will be disturbed by Pif. And, then, collect all the money stolen by bandits and precious stones that they lost when they were hiding from the place of theft. Along the way, we will meet the policeman Farfouille, who is also better off staying away, and a nice kitty, kissing which, Hercules will increase the speed of movement, but only before taking the next item. In the game there is an episode from the animated series, a series of "Taxi folies", about crazy taxis. Also you will have to take away the stolen jewelry from thieves, you will be hindered by Busard, the assistant leader of the gang. Well, in the end to fight with Ciceron himself and Gorille, in order to free Professor Grotalent, who was taken hostage.

Link for game


Hello, Please check the board rules before posting. You must include a link to your game in your original post. Please update it or we'll close the topic.

Ready. Why i can`t download pictures for my game? Show what i live in wrong location and access is denied for me.


I'm not sure what you mean, can you show me a screenshot of the error you're seeing? Thanks

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Here! And i can`t download screenshots and main picture for game.