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A short game. Find your purpose in a world covered in darkness and a mysterious dust. · By PouleyKetchoup, TheTorri, Nekomatata

Good, simple fun. (Review/video)

A topic by Skydjinn created Sep 07, 2017 Views: 268 Replies: 4
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(Noticed the comment section was redone, so I'm reposting. Hope that's fine.)

Soot is a fun little adventure game trying to send a bigger message. As it is now, the game is but a simple demo, but that doesn't mean it lacks in quality. The softly toned music serves well to set the mood of the game and put emphasis on the situations you wander into across your travels. From the solemn tones in the beginning lending themselves to the feeling of solitude as you start out alone, to the more uplifting beats that play as you reach your goal, it's a very pleasant and atmospheric trip. Both the animation and the art style are nice as well, reminding me somewhat of Wind Waker. When you start out, the game feels very empty, but that is all part of the experience as well as you find your way. Overall, it's a short, but fun game, and I'm curious to see how it turns out as more work is done to continue it.


Thank for your quality review! I apologize that we switched to the forum comment style and that's why your video was no longer there. I appreciate that you took the time to comment again!

It's fine, it's fine. As a player of games, I always like when there is public feedback to see if I'd like the game, so I came back to give the same.


Hey Skydjinn, we made an update to the game to iron out a few kinks. So there are some better animations and controls (although no new content). If you're interested in comparing the experience now with the previous, feel free to play.

Gave it a quick run. Still plays well and being able to run sideways when looking for the bubbles was helpful, but looked a little...awkward? It was like running on air around the plant. As a suggestion, you might have the little sprite hold the plant with one hand a just do a guided slide instead. Just my thoughts on it, of course. I also noticed you fixed the hair thing I pointed out. And were new sounds added? Because I'm pretty sure I heard a sprout(?) say "Oiii!" at one point that I didn't my first time playing.