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Free! Arabian Nights

A topic by Red-Baby created Sep 07, 2017 Views: 220 Replies: 1
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Hi everyone!

For those that have played the Free! Arabian Nights Demo thus far and have provided me with feedback, a BIG thank you!  Feedback from players is always welcomed and appreciated.

I'm still working on the coding, story, and art for the game, but it is definitely coming together nicely.  

The script itself is about 90% done, with just some of the endings needing to be typed out!  Woohoo! This is currently priority number 1 on the jobs list, with aims of finishing the script by the end of September.

Character art is 70% done, with just three more characters needing to be completed. 

The background art and music is being paid for and commissioned out of pocket so until funds are replenished they will be on hold at 60% completion.  

I'll be posting again next month with another update then.  Hopefully we see some good progress!

<3 Red

Hey everyone! 

Just a quick update on the game's progress. 

 I've finished writing two more endings for the game, but had to go back and recode some of it to make sure the paths went to the correct routes.  There's still at least 7 endings to go.  So I'll say the script is at about 92% done and the coding is only about 50% done.

Another character's sprite is complete, just have to do a few expression variations and two other characters.  Overall it's about 76% done.

Background art and music is still on hold at 60%.

I'll try and making another video teaser soon and upload it by the end of the month.

<3 Red