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Can you help me ? - Download without download option

A topic by Les Jeux de Bebel created Sep 07, 2017 Views: 157 Replies: 1
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Hi ! I have a question about "Analytics" Section, could you help me please ?

Well, i don't understand why i have "download" indication for my game "Samhain" which it can't be download oO' (it's a browser game only).

In the same way, i have 2 games "Piece Of Cake" and "Slimer" Which are can be download for 0.10$. I have "download" indication but no purchase. I don't understand why...

Thanks for your help and scuse me for my bad english ^^' I'm French


It looks like both of the projects are free to download with a suggested donation of 10 cents. If you want to force someone to pay do download your game you have to select the "Paid" option.