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Scooby Horror 2! Starring the Spooky Space Kook

A topic by Dave Microwaves Games created Sep 07, 2017 Views: 142
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So the sequel to Scooby Horror has been released!

Gameplay: You play as Shaggy once again to save Scooby Doo (Trapped in a cage) from the group of ghostly aliens wandering an abandoned Airfield. Find items that'll help you in saving Scooby Doo. Cause each time you play, Scooby will be in a different place, on top of that, he'll be in a sort of jam that you must get him out of in order to pick him up and escape. But the ghostly aliens will traverse the Airfield in search of you. You must hide from them and don't get caught. Remember, they've got tricks (more like friggin jumpscares) up their sleeves so you better watch your ass.

Go check it out.