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Upcoming gamebook (and hack) based on Tunnel Goons

A topic by No Time To Play created May 21, 2021 Views: 501 Replies: 2
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Hey, everyone. I just wrote a long post telling the story of how I discovered Tunnel Goons, so let me cut to the chase: I'm working on a (computer-based) gamebook powered by a hack of Tunnel Goons, that I'm developing in parallel. Naturally, both will be open source, though the hack won't be released by itself until later. But I wanted to let everyone know how excited I am about finding this rule system and being able to use it.

And yes, I'm using a rule system designed for tabletop to power a (text-based) CRPG. I'd discuss it with other CRPG developers, but they don't talk about rule systems much at all, as if they were an afterthought. So I'm pestering you instead. Thanks for listening!

For what it's worth, here's the promised game at long last. Hope you like it!

You'll notice the built-in help points players at Tunnel Goons, even though the game uses modified rules. That's because I haven't written them down yet. That's my next priority, but maybe after a break. Meanwhile, thanks again for being here, and let me know what you think.

Almost three months later, here's the promised rule system as well, at long last:

I don't have much more to say about it that's not already on the game page, except I left out many nuances from The Unwanted Hero that would have been hard to explain briefly and are specific to that game anyway. On the plus side, I managed to keep the text at a length of 1000 words. Beware, it hasn't been edited much.