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Island Int The Ocean Roguelike [Source Code]

A topic by DarkPhotton created Sep 03, 2017 Views: 219
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Project page: Island In The Ocean [Source]

Requires Unity 5.6.0 or higher.

"Easy Roguelike Project" - that's 5th month game developing for giving easy start point for new game developers who want create they're own simple and pretty cool roguelike with 16x16 tileset and etc.!  

  Adding info:  
1. For full functionality, you're need download Tiled2Unity package, if you want add your own levels from Tiled programm.  
2. After asset import, open NAVIGATION IN PROJECT.PDF documentation, to get all help about project. 
3. Check Documentation folder! 
4. Game resolution is 640x576px 

Include & Features: 
- 7 Game levels with enemies, items, treasures, NPC. 
- Inventory system. Pretty simple. 
- Journal system 
- Scenario and non-Scenario tasks types. 
- Equipment system. Like window with slots for helmet, chest, hand, etc. 
- World map with player location marker and scenario quest marker > "?" 
- Simple AI for that simple roguelike. 
- Simple combat system. 
- Items pickuping from ground. 
- Dialog system. Can give tasks too and complete them. 
- Infoportion system. Read about it inDocumentation folder. 

  Contacts & Demo: 
Play Demo WebGLPlay on 

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