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Version 1.2 hotfix 2

+ Fixed bug, when artifact was equipped and can be transfered to quest NPC while its on the belt. So then artifact still on the belt and still affect on player stats.

So if you want to give quest NPC artifact, please unequip it before talk.

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Hot to install:

Please, put script file in "assets/scripts/ folder". After open script and connect mod to the game by searching _ready() function and typing there this:


Final look of function must be like this:

# Called when gameplay init completed and game starts play
func _ready():

- Possibility to unequip items by clicking once on slots when item there is equipped.
- Equipped item highlight while hovering slot by mouse


Exporting to android is hard to do cause game must be rewritten in some case, I’m doing it but stop till godot will release 4.3 version. 

Vanilla version will doesn’t work on android.

Всё, что связано с текстами в игре - лежит в файлах *_lang.json по пути assets/texts/

It's the Zone, stalker xD maybe some sort of anomaly haha

Maybe I hardcoded something and mp5 was fixed, but not other weapons.

Yeah, I know about this bug, keep it as a feature, cause it's the Zone xD

Uhh.. Sadly I can't buy this pack, but... It's. So. Stunning. And atmospheric.

This is a remake of the original mobile java game S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Mobile 3D (phone trailer) from 2007-2008 years developed by QPlaze. All rights for assets - QPlaze, GSC, Nomoc!

"At first I wanted to survive only. Then I considered that it's possible to escape from here. But now it is time to learn who and what for did it. The Zone has heart, there is a founder - and I will find it, sooner or later."

"After thousands of hours spent here, I who achieved everything that wished once - the round sum on bank accounts in three countries of the world - understand that I will not leave from here so simply. I look at beginners - and I see myself, I have lost here more friends than have had in life, I have killed here more people, than once in Afghanistan, and even the nickname of Gunslinger became more native than my name."


  • RPG systems: Dialogues, Inventory, Skills, Experience, Quests;
  • Set of familiar artefacts differently influencing the characteristics of the player;
  • Dialogue and trade with friendly characters, atmospheric dialogues, plot, collateral and casual missions and tasks.
  • Rail movement mechanics (looks like at old arcade 3D stations)

Game Page:

In this small tutorial you will learn how to change standard Picnic in the Oblivion logo in main menu.

First of all, you need a new logo in PNG format, it can be any image. Then place it in UI/ folder inside assets/ folder. It must be like assets/ui/your_image.png.
Then go to assets/scripts/, this is a main menu script file, there is a _menu_init(mm) function, in the end of this function put this code:

That's all, now you can start the game and see that your menu background is changed!

HOTFIX 2 is here!

What we have here:

+ Fixed bug with a final cutscene, when the player press the SPACE button and then it turns on the player's control and now we can shoot and use all gameplay features. In cutscene, bruh...

+ Some changes in the camera's sway effect.

+ Added more modding possibilities, such as: on_item_used(item) callback, that calls in script when any item was used, returns used item object data. Custom UI creation, for now, it's UI.CreateLabel, UI.CreateButton and UI.CreateImage

+ Changed radiation and anomaly resistance percentage when upgrading skill from 2% to 5% for a 1 point.

+ Fixed Hootalin dialogue, after dialogue he will give to player 1 skill point.

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Picnic in the Oblivion ver. 1.1

Hello, stalkers!

I saw a few videos on YouTube with my game and I figured out, that players need some kind of tutorial.
Warning, this update can't load saves from 1.0 game, so if you want install this game version, you'll ned to start new game.

+ Added a help button in the skills window with skills descriptions. + Added tutorials at the first levels of the game.

- Changed a little door trigger position at the "Find Red's friend Whistler in the sewer" level.
- Some cosmetics change at the same level.

Что бы заменить шрифт на свой, найдите два шрифта (SM3DBold.ttf, SM3DRegular.ttf) в папке assets/fonts/.
И закиньте в ту папку свои два шрифта для жирного текста и для обычного, при этом не забудьте переименовать свои шрифты как оригинальные SM3DBold.ttf для вашего жирного шрифта, SM3DRegular.ttf для вашего обычного шрифта.

Добрый день, шрифт является каноничным и взят с мобильной игры, и только он будет чётким без смазов, в иных случаях, новые шрифты могут сменить сами игроки в папке по пути assets/fonts/ , однако правильность работы других шрифтов я не гарантирую.

Glad to hear it :)
It was hard but pretty fun experience to play this game on a small cell phone with a resolution like 176x220 or 240x320 :D

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Hey, try to download again, I've updated the version and added the possibility to change the game font in the assets folder, no need to decompile exe now. Waiting for your response.

Okay, understood.

Maybe I need to use not bold version of font? I can try to update game with regular version. Hope it can be less hard to read.

I used source code with export settings.

First of all, find file traders.json at assets/creatures/ and open it.

The structure is simple:

"village_trader": {...}This is ID of the trader.
"dont_want_to_buy": [...]This is list of items ID from assets/gameplay/items.json that player can't sell.
"items": [...]This is list of items ID from assets/gameplay/items.json that trader will sell to player.

So if you want to block player from selling something to the trader, just add the item ID to dont_want_to_buy list and that's all.
And if you want to add new items to the shop, just add item ID to items list!

To add new language to the game you’ll need:

  • assets/options.json
  • assets/texts/lang_*your-lang-code*.json

1. In the options file find the “languages” key, and add the new language code: 

"your_lang_code": { "name": "lang_translation_key" }

2. Create a new file in assets/texts/ with the name lang_*your_lang_code*.json, put the data from lang_en and you can start translating the game to the new language.

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v1.0 | Hotfix 2

Small fixes for options system and translations, no need to start a new game, and saves can be loaded by v1.0 version. 


 - Fixed bug with options master volume.
 - Now we can change game font in assets folder.
 - Added support for Chinese and Japanese languages. Chinese translation already included. Thanks for  PastaAnchovy and MPB-TDOA

Also I can be wrong, but this bug can be because of decompilation. Maybe some code was changed or badly decompiled/compiled

v1.0 | Hotfix 1

Quick fix for the game, no need to start a new game, and saves can be loaded by v1.0 version. 

Fixed bug when a player can't open PDA/MAP after loading the game when died. 

Best to contact me (ping me) in the my post in discord of Godot, HERE it is.

Honestly I really can't understood what the bug is... Can you send to me your exported version of game? With all assets data and exe?

Hello, can you describe step by step what you’ve done after decompiling? It can help me understand what files are you changed. Does *.exe file was renamed?

Oh, sorry, but I lost that project :(

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Here you can download descriptions of some configs in assets folders and try to mod the game.

JSON DescriptionsDownload ZIP

Also, you can freely ask how to modify game assets in Modding / Help category.

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Here is info about game updates.

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Ah, STALKER mobile 3D, game number one for me as a pupil in the old good 2008-2009 years, but hey, sometimes I wanted to make my own game in that universe. Of course, I've learned some modding of original trilogy games, I tried to make games with some weirdest game constructors such as 001 game creator (yes, stalker on that thing, sure xD), then started learning c# and Unity, after in 2016 started making first version of remake, and then after a few years I lost the game project forever... Ah, great Windows OS and forgetting to do some backups heh :D

Lost Project

Lost Unity project of first version of remake

Lost project on Unity (dev. from 2016 to 2018)After a small depression, there was a huge pause between project loss and starting the new project on Ursina Engine (based on Panda3D) using Python, where I started to create from 0 but already with original assets and story and gameplay features based on 2008 cut game version, but it was hard and don't work properly as I wanted...

Second Project

2021-2022 Ursina Game Engine, Second try to make the remake

2021-2022 Ursina Engine (Python), Picnic in the Oblivion, Early versionAfter some coding staff, I stuck at level design, um... Not design, but level editor, cause I wanted to make the game as moddable as possible and level creation was very painful with my hands and notepad, really, I started to make level editor based on the same Ursina Engine, but it was hard and don't work properly as I wanted, so I paused game project and forget about it for 1 year. After that, I switched project to Godot Engine 4, and first met GDScript language for coding. But for me it looks like Python, so I quickly ported all features from Ursina to Godot and for 1 year I have done all game features and it is already near finish. The game looks like this:

Maybe in this 2024 year, it will be released for Windows. The game has good performance and is stable at 60 FPS, my friend tested it and said that he had a second minimized game process and opened my game - it was at 60 fps without any drops. All game updates I'll post here, but I don't know if I need to create a new post when it'll be released or post it here.

It is a remake of the original S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Mobile 3D using original assets, with Godot Engine coded from zero, will be a free product, with no monetization. 

First info about this game was on reddit:
- Reddit post #1
- Reddit post #2

All rights stay with QPlaze, Nomoc, and GSC.

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I can't upload cart, It was lost a few years ago :(

MacOS users are people too...

Remember the sequence of old retro floppies discs and repeat them. Try to get more best score than you can!

Try it!

In old synthwave retro 80s style.

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