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Vapor Trails

A heartfelt metroidvania about revenge · By sevencrane

a review, ig

A topic by Bae_Blade created May 15, 2021 Views: 92 Replies: 2
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Alright i loved this game alot, the characters were great, the combat is nice and the landscape looks real pretty. however the bosses desperately need some more fitting music considering how many there are, also i felt pretty confused on where to go alot of the time while in the purple place, maybe add some notes or a quest system to help this. but yeah thats about it, if this gets finished then i actually think that it could become pretty big, good job. 7/10


i feel like a quest system is somewhat already implemented into the game

if it were taken more seriously it would probably wipe out a few free-roam aspects of the game since you're just constantly going back and forth doing quests and such

also, what do you mean by notes? elaborate


Bosses do need more fitting music. I gotta get on my friend's ass about that.

I'm kinda reluctant to do a quest system because I don't want to spoonfeed the player too much, and quests are a lot of content. I'm planning on just going the Soulsborne route: If you've got a persistent mission, you'll usually be given an item with a description to remind you of what to do with it.