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Pinewood Island

otome visual novel with horror and romance · By Jaime Scribbles Games

I Love It!

A topic by Queen Mak created Sep 01, 2017 Views: 723 Replies: 4
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I love this game. Its kinda short, but it packs a punch! Mystery, Drama, Romance, Intrigue. It's a whole smorgasboard of entertainment! I know exactly who the murderer is, but I have yet to find a way to convict them (grr... so frustrating). Nevertheless, this gumshoe will get her perp. It's only a matter of time. >:3


Thanks so much! I hope you were able to get all the endings! :)

I love the fact that the MC looks like a grown up Lilo (from Lilo and Stitch) - at least the colourization I choose for her.

This game is sooo entertaining - partially due to my own background actually being on "educational retreats" like this in University (thankfully... no murder...) - and meeting/dealing with these personality types. 

*sigh* can't wait for some enterprising soul out there to make a walkthrough though... I have died... and been in jail... a LOT (in this game)... I can't figure out if I just suck or what.


There is a walk through available now!

*thaaank youuuuu* - After missing a cue and becoming deader-than-dead so so so many times... this is a TREASURE.