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Does Paid Game Needs Special Criteria To Get Featured?

A topic by GameLordzzz created 47 days ago Views: 56 Replies: 2
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Recently i released a game which was a paid one, does it needs special criteria like some verification to get featured, because i checked some hrs after i uploaded, and it was not in most recent and latest tabs

Here is the game link in case i have made any mistake in metadata or game page


Your project was published less than a day ago. It is not unusual for a project to take a day before it is indexed. It takes a bit longer for the first paid project of a creator, as that needs some additional manual review by an admin.

I would suggest to wait a bit longer, maybe an extra day. It won’t make a difference in how popular a game will be. Plus your page is already public, so you can start sharing it on other social media already.

Thanks for reply, i got completely broke after putting so much time making game and seeing no result ..