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Free VR Game: Gemstone Shooter

A topic by MaxSMoke777 created Aug 25, 2017 Views: 120
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I took a shot at seeing if I could merge Bejeweled with VR to create something new. Taking my usual amount of bizarreness (see Alien TSA), I designed a game were you make gem combos to fend off a massive metallic monster. The beast snaps it's building-size jaws and leers at you as it slowly approaches. Meanwhile little flying eyeballs swarm to distract you. Fail to score enough large combos in time and you'll end up in it's faceted stomach. Each level the boss has more health and moves faster. There's no limit to it's speed, but even shooting with both hands I couldn't make it past level 11. 

On the VIVE, click in your grips to make a "Finger-Gun", and on the Rift, just hold in grips in to shoot. You can do likewise to release your finger shooter and pick up stuff, but right now there's nothing to pick up. If you like the game, please let me know. Any encouragement or suggestions would go a LONG way towards more features in the future. And any money would help keep the lights turned on! 

Gemstone Shooter

Also, if you're interested, Alien TSA VR is still available separately on it's own page: 

Alien TSA VR